MAG Interior Fitting specializes in bespoke  furniture manufacture and installation.

MAG Interior Fitting is a small business with over 15 years of experience in manufacture of custom made furniture and wooden products.

MAG Interior Fitting designs, manufactures, installs furniture and provides carpentry services. As a result of over 15 years of work experience our range of products and services have become very extensive. 

Our services include furniture restoration, hand or spray  painting and matching new items into your existing interior. We also help find the best solutions to any place in your home.

Our Services ensure that every customer’s needs are designed around their individual lifestyle.

Our goal is to offer stylish, high quality furnishings for every room of your home and office.
Our equipment allows us to use different kinds of materials, such as laminate, veneer, different kinds of natural woods, glass, aluminum and different accessories.
We have experience working with Architects, Designers and private clients on Kitchens, Bedrooms, Home Offices and Custom Cabinet work.

We believe that the individuality of every person, their different tastes and needs should be expressed through our work for them.


The owner of the MAG Interior Fitting is Martin Aguraiuja.

Martin started working as a joiner in 1997 in his uncle’s firm. The company specialized in making and installing all kinds of wooden furniture and products by special order. 

During these years working for his uncle Martin acquired skills of the trade while learning about business.

In 2004 Martin moved to Ireland and started working for Martin Murphy Holdings Ldt. as a kitchen/furniture fitter.  

In 2007 he started his own business MAG Kitchens, whose main activity was the fitting of kitchens and other furniture for Cork based companies. 

Currently the business has grown and now our main field is custom made furniture from the idea to the fitting. Our business has also grown geographically from Co Cork to all over Ireland and UK.

As a small business, our  main priorities are quality, speed and clean work finished to high standard.